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This version of Renegade is based on Renegade Demo and FDS files. Single Player is not avaliable!

Server NamePlayersMapIP:Port
MPF UltraAOW NewMaps 0/60C&C_MPF_Bridge_Control.mix74.91.113.100:1337
Expansive Civilian Warfare Server 0/127ECW_San Casina 1424.230.70.102:4848
Rencorner Commwar 0/32C&C_Walls_Flying.mix192.223.24.250:6000
Turbo-Technologies.us DM 0/50M00_Tutorial85.214.212.79:8787
! Exodus Co-Op 0/24M0985.214.212.79:4852
!~Sla Mutant Co-Op~! 2/25M10.mix74.91.113.100:8888
Renhalo (1-4) 0/127level1_slvrso24.230.70.102:4810
Jerad2142's Crazy Coop 0/127tiberium_takeover24.230.70.102:6848
[W3DHub] APB 3.0 Official 0/40RA_Antlion176.31.21.180:9016
Testing 0/127slender_kane_2_the_marked24.230.70.102:4823
Rencorner Snipe 0/30C&C_Field.mix192.223.24.250:7003
RenCorner Marathon 0/60C&C_Bio.mix192.223.24.250:5001
Tiberium Gaming Test Serv 0/50CnC_Test_Map0123.229.69.162:1337

Note: Server list is updated hourly.

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